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PKZIP/SecureZip Replacement
3270 Session Manager Product Replacement
Lower the cost of your z/OS PGP process
Manage multiple Inbound and Outbound 3270 Sessions efficiently and
securely via TCP/IP with Single Sign-On access.
Stop the Presses! Dynamically deliver mainframe files and reports as
customized PDF documents and comma separated files.
09/20/13 - ZIP/390 6.5, ZIP/390 FOR Z/OS GOES HYBRID
01/25/12 - ZIP/390 6.1, Z/OS Compression/Encryption Software Enables Exploitation of zBX
03/31/11 - Data 21, Inc. Announces zIIP Support for its zSeries ZIP Utility, ZIP/390 6.0
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August 9-14, 2015
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