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Support is provided for Data 21 Customers and companies actively evaluating a Data 21 solution. The Data 21 Support Team is available to answer questions during Data 21's normal business hours. Web support applications (Online Documentation) are available 24hrs. 7 days a week. However, any subsequent action required by the Data 21 Support Team will be normally be taken during Data 21's normal business hours.
Monday - Friday,  7am to 3pm Pacific Standard Time (excluding holidays).
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Data 21 After Hours Emergency Support

For emergency support issues please start by sending email to If you have a production Job failure, please include the Job (JCL and SYSIN Parameters) as well as the SYSPRINT output in the email body or *.txt attachement. For support issues of immediate critical nature that cannot wait until the next business day, call 805-748-4489 after sending the email.

Product Keys:

To obtain a product key or a 4-day emergency product key please select the Key Request link below for your product.

Product Documentation Download Key Request

ZIP/390 MP v6.9.6 (Multi Platform) View Download Request

ZIP/390 v6.7 View Download Request

ZIP/VSE View Download Request

InterSession View Download Request

VTAM2Spool View Download Request

Tools4CICS View Download Request

IpServer View Download Request

IpBridge/Connect View Download Request

IpBridge/Host View Download Request

IpBridge/Secure View Download Request
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